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    User name dalton (for LeRose)

    Log entry time 18:46:11 on August 21, 2009

    Entry number 285164

    keyword=PREX-like tune for HRS

    The PREX tune won't work with the HRS (There is no PREX magnet. The
    distances are different.etc.). As per my earlier discussion with Kent,
    I've concocted an equivalent tune for the right hrs that should be
    approximately equivalent to the PREX tune. This tune will give you
    x|theta~0, y|phi~0, and D/M~-4 60 cm behind the VDC. D/M for the PREX
    tune is somewhat better, -5.5, but getting that right will take a lot
    more time and doesn't seem worth it.
    You'll have to set it up by hand, however.
    Set the dipole the same as always, just type in P0 and wait.
    For the quads:
    Turn off the regulation for each quad and set the currents using the
    following prescription.
    Q1 dI/dp=901.212 (Amps/GeV/c)
    Q2 dI/dp=522.9513 (Amps/GeV/c)
    Q3 dI/dp=446.977 (Amps/GeV/c)

    For each quad multiply its dI/dp by the central momentum value you want
    (in GeV/c) and the result is the current for that quad (in Amps). Rules
    regarding quad cycling still apply (in principle at least).

    For example if you wanted 1.1 GeV/c then the result for the magnets
    would be as follows:
    Q1: I= 901.212 x 1.1 = 991.33 Amps
    Q2: I= 522.9513 x 1.1= 575.25 Amps
    Q3: I= 446.977 x 1.1 = 491.67 Amps

    Good Luck!
    Your best bet for contacting me between Monday and next Thursday is my
    cell phone (757 810-6784)