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    User name R. Subedi

    Log entry time 21:43:24 on August21,2009

    Entry number 285176


    keyword=Happex signals in Scalers

    All Happex signals (Happex, S0, and Prex PMT signals) in both HRSs are now plugged in into scalers. Here is where to see the signal:

    [All numbers in the following start from zero.]

    Happex: Slot6 ch6
    S0 front: Slot6 ch16
    S0 back: Slot6 ch22

    Happex: Slot11 ch0
    Prex Thin: Slot11 ch1
    Prex Stack: Slot11 ch2
    S0 front: Slot9 ch0
    S0 back: Slot9 ch6