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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 12:03:55 on August 22, 2009

    Entry number 285192

    keyword=timebrd.cfg updating-mechanism solution

    There was a small problem that the file ~apar/db/timebrd/timebrd.cfg
    was not being updated correctly.

    First, let me review the usages of this info

    halogRunStart_parity puts it into the halog
    createDB uses it to produces the db file in ~db/parity09_11454.db
    for run 11454 for example
    halogRunEnd_parity puts it into the halog
    (Note, this latter script is presently commented out of
    epicsRunEnd_parity but maybe someone will un-comment it someday).

    The "fopen" command in vxWorks is acting abnormally (I won't explain
    it here) but it does work if the file is removed first.

    Therefore I've made the following solution

    rm timebrd.cfg in end_clean script
    end_clean is called by End-of-run (after epicsRunEnd_parity)
    end_clean is also called at download, which safeguards in case
    a run does not end properly (CODA crash or whatever).

    Someone had added "rm timebrd.cfg" to halogRunStart_parity.
    I have deleted this line as it is the wrong logic.

    I took a few runs and noticed the updating was working ok.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: silwal,paschke