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    User name K. Kumar, J. Wexler

    Log entry time 23:40:31 on August 22, 2009

    Entry number 285225

    keyword=Swing shift summary

    16:00 Awaiting beam

    17:30 Crew chief informs us that we will have tune beam in the next 10 minutes

    18:40 Crew chief called us back and said beam is now definitely imminent; they had some unexpected problems over the past hour.

    18:55 They are sending tune beam down our hall

    20:00 MCC says we have beam to our dump. We requested 5 microamps

    20:25 The beam has been positioned well and we have requested harp scans. They have turned on energy and position fast feedback

    21:00 3A and 3B harps scans are done; requested 7-18 Harp scans

    21:20 Repositioning beam after quads were retuned to make spot bigger

    21:40 Beam has been set up as planned, but the DAQ is highly unstable and Bob recommends that we take an access to fix it.

    23:10 Bob informs us that controlled access work has been completed. A cpu was swapped out.

    23:30 We have asked MCC to put us back in Beam Permit and restore 5 microamps. They informed us that we have to wait until they have completed Hall C tuning.