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    User name Apar

    Log entry time 13:42:39 on August23,2009

    Entry number 285459

    This entry is a followup to: 285314

    keyword=pan problem fixed

    Turns out the reason the lumis weren't being analyzed properly and added into 
    the pair tree was a datamap error.
    Two things where wrong:
        datamap   lumi       blumi     adcx       2      0           blumi1r 
    blumi2r blumi3r blumi4r	
        datamap   lumi       blumi     adcx       3      0           blumi5r blumi6r
    The dev-type should have been 'lumi' and it was set to 'blumi'
    The second problem was that the dev-name was the same for all of them. They 
    should have unique dev-names, with a number at the end