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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 01:27:39 on August24,2009

    Entry number 285620

    keyword=Right/Left HRS triggers at -2%

    Comparing -2% kinematics, in focal place x vs. y and dp, between the right and left arms. Fig 1 is the left arm plot seen before, but with color contours. The left column in the T1 (happex detector) trigger and the right column is the T2 (S0) trigger.

    Fig.2 is the corresponding right arm. Left column is the T2 (S0) trigger, and right column is the lead detector trigger scintillator (T3), which isn't very useful here.

    But the comparison of T2 between the two arms is striking. Either the left arm trigger has a strong suppression of the high momentum side, or the right arm has a strong supression of the low momentum side.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2