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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 06:11:00 on August24,2009

    Entry number 285648

    keyword=additional optics study with sieve, watercell

    Additional data on -3% optics with sieve. We swapped S0 between left and right HRS to check if trigger problems were affecting the observed spectra. Of course, physics is another possibility.

    R-HRS is set to 0% (1.202 GeV for this check of the left arm).

    Carbon. Raster off. 20 uA. run #24511, 400 k events. No R-HRS run.

    Tantalum. Raster off, 20 uA. run #24512, 400 k events.
    R-HRS slightly drifting in during run. Last 20 minutes of R-HRS run # 4293 should be golden.

    Runs #24513 / 4294 more data, with requested 1.4x0.8 (= 0.5mmx0.5mm) raster. verified with spot++.

    Watercell. 10uA, raster = 0.5mmx0.5mm.
    Sieve IN on L-HRS. Run #24514. ~3kHz rate. ~800k events total.
    Sieve out of R-HRS. Run #4295.

    Run #24515. More on watercell.
    Run #24516. modified tube voltage (+100V on each S0 tube).