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    User name R. Subedi

    Log entry time 09:58:02 on August24,2009

    Entry number 285680

    This entry is a followup to: 285666

    keyword=T3 fixed

    RHRS T3 Fixing: I found that the input to T3 re-routed through MLU module in CAMAC crate 1 (slot 14), and there was no output for the T3 from the level translator. All triggers must be input to this level translator, outputs of which go to a programmable delay module. The output of the programmable delay module finally goes to the Trigger Supervisor. To my knowledge, the T3 trigger input to the level translator used to come from a discriminator (ch3) in the same CAMAC crate slot 20. As soon as I did this, I can see signal on the scope which is less than 0-50 Hz. T3 is now available.