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    User name Jack

    Log entry time 15:38:53 on August 24, 2009

    Entry number 285707


    keyword=Right Arm VDCs

    The cable to pickoff the threshold on the top VDC was not fully seated. While the threshold measured on the amplifier was 3.8V the measured value at the ADC was about 2V and varying (just noise). I re-seated the connector and things seem OK. Both the top and bottom VDC were running off the same channel of the Bertan power supply. I believe this is leftover from when the top VDC was having foil problems and tripping off. Since the VDC has been replaced, I put each VDC back on a separate channel. The top VDC is in channel A and the bottom VDC is in channel B. The noise on the current readback seems to be about the same. I expect this is from the Bertan supply itself. Swapping channels would be an easy check at this point.