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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 20:08:17 on August24,2009

    Entry number 285724

    keyword=new HapNoL config

    For HAPPEX DAQ I've made a new config "HapNoL" which has the two
    Left-HRS crates dropped (i.e. no PVDIS or HAPPEX crate on L-HRS).
    This is to anticipate the possible need to turn off electrical 
    power there, in light of the air conditioning problem. 
    A rule of thumb: if you touch modules in a crate and it is 
    uncomfortably hot, you should not run with this.  Alex is in 
    the hall now touching modules.  They are not hot.  However, it
    might be hotter (guessing 10C) after we close the shield hut doors.