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    User name Xiaohui

    Log entry time 00:04:38 on August25,2009

    Entry number 285744

    keyword=Shift summary

    16:30 Letf arm AC is down, people down in the hall, try to fix it...
    18:10 Jack called that people almost finished the work down in the hall, will ask for beam when people are all out.
    19:10 Target moved to carbon hole, ready for the beam, ask for 5uA.
    19:20 Ast MCC turned on the raster with 7x4 (2.5x2.5mm), waiting for beam...
    19:50 MCC called that they have some problem with the iron chamber, sending people down in the hall, try to fix the problem...
    11:50 shift almost ends, and experts are still working downstairs.
    (ps: there are still a few pizza left in the counting house...)