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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 04:36:16 on August25,2009

    Entry number 285795

    keyword=oversampling not working

    We tried oversampling.  It's not working.
    If we run with just the counting room crate it works
    (config "CntHouse").
    If we run with a config "RightHap" which has R-HRS HAPPEX
    crate plus counting room, we get a lot of deadtime.  During
    the access I looked at the monitor output and saw some MPS
    periods had the N samples, while others were flat.  (When
    not oversampling the mon-out looked normal, thankfully.)
    If I ran with oversample-by-2 and internal timing on the ADC18
    it seemed to work fine.  My impression is it's a problem with
    the timing board.
    Things to try tomorrow (i.e. later today):
    1. Try oversampling on TestCrate ADC18s. We might learn something
    (Well, we did it before).  First try 1 ADC, then 2, then 3, etc.
    2. Swap out the HAPPEX timer on R-HRS.