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    User name Bob/KK

    Log entry time 16:41:39 on August25,2009

    Entry number 285924

    keyword=prex quartz det work, part II

    KK replaced the PMT on the quartz detector.  Put it back in place
    and the rate was noticeably lower, perhaps 5 Hz.  There is now a
    clear overlap between the Quartz and PREX-scint (again, the Quartz
    is located just under the scint and is upside-down-and-tilted in
    such a way as to catch cosmics.)  Now we do a long run 4326 with
    ps2 = 1 and ps3 = 1.  T2 rate is 40 Hz and T3 rate is 2.7 Hz.
    Will look for pulse-height distribution shortly.