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    User name mercado

    Log entry time 17:52:38 on August 25, 2009

    Entry number 285956

    keyword=Sync Signals from CH and R-RHS for OS=1,2,4, runs 11556, 11557, 11558

    First two plots are synch checks without oversampling.

    The next two are with oversampling of 2, and the last two are with oversampling of 4.

    For oversampling of 2, the CH scaler seems to have stopped triggering, therefore messing up the reference signal and making the sync check useless.

    For oversampling of 4, though, there's doesnt seem to be a problem when the gated and reference signals are compared.

    Figure 1

    Figure 2

    Figure 3

    Figure 4

    Figure 5

    Figure 6