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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 02:38:57 on August26,2009

    Entry number 286020

    keyword=HAPPEX DAQ startup, part I

    HAPPEX runs for Lumi and Oversampling, etc.
    Using RightHap DAQ config.
    (Note, L-HRS PVDIS is down and ROC31 [Qweak] is down.)
    Time: 01:50 ... Beam current = 5.5 uA 
    Run 11630 .... ovs=0 .... thin tantalum ... gains (3,0).
    02:00 noticed synch mon from CH looks problematic, stuck
    on a value.  Couldn't find problem with LNE or gate ...
    02:10 Had zigzag on blumi4 and 8 (last chan of each ADC18).
    Tried going back to happex3_ts.crl for R-HRS.
    Run 11633 ... start with Lumi HV off, then turn on near
    event 30K.
    Pan: seeing lots of ADCX errors, started at event 17K.
    It's a little hard to tell but raw data dumps don't reveal
    any change in datastructure ... hard to tell what's going
    on with these errors.