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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 03:43:01 on August26,2009

    Entry number 286044

    keyword=some oversample runs

    More HAPPEX runs.
    Run 11636 ... ovs=1 .... Beam will be ramping up soon we hope.
    Run 11637 ... ovs=3 .... problems with data ("ADCX unexpected" etc)
    Run 11638 ... ovs=1 .... looks ok.
    Run 11639 ... tried adding flush of ADC18 in "done".  ovs=3
    Still problematic data.
    Run 11640 ... ovs=1 ... data fine.
    Tentative conclusion so far: we can oversample by 2 but not higher.
    Note, there was mostly no beam for these runs.  MCC is tuning, etc.