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    User name mcnulty

    Log entry time 04:07:29 on August26,2009

    Entry number 286053

    keyword=preliminary Prex det pulse-height dists

    We finally have good PREx detector test data. Pcture 1 shows preliminary pulse height distribution from run 4334--5uA on thin Ta target with Prex HRS optics tune and +0.7% dp/p. Beam energy is 1.204 GeV and angle is 14.0 deg. There are minimal/no clean-up cuts applied to this distribution--only 1 track and scintillator trigger events only.

    This data is for the 1.0cm quartz (flat, not rotated by 45deg), with s0 in position.

    This Result:
    55.4 channel MPV with 7.7 channel Gaussian sigma

    From Jan 2008 beamtest (using same det configuration):
    23.85 channel MPV with 5.9 channel sigma

    Remarkable improvement after changing reflector material and shortening light guide.

    FIGURE 1