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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 04:26:23 on August26,2009

    Entry number 286059

    keyword=more runs. higher current, ovs sturdy

    Run 11643 ... ovs=3 .... still no beam though.
    By turning off HV, Luis discovers that
    blumi1 is actually 3
    blumi2 is 4
    blumi5 is 7
    blumi6 is 8.
    and the 4 zigzag plots are ... unknown origin.
    Run 11644 ... ovs=1 .... beam 94 uA but no target
    All 8 lumis show up.
    Luis turns on HV on each in turn to verify they are
    showing up in order.  
    04:20 Put in thick tantalum target.
    Ramping up to 100 uA or therabouts.
    Run 11645 ... ovs=0 
    KK asks us to tweak HV to get 10K channels for 5 uA.