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    User name silwal

    Log entry time 06:15:06 on August27,2009

    Entry number 286207

    keyword=Switching between Integrating and Counting DAQ (on happex det)

    Counting House to Right Arm MAP on the patch panel
    Integrating DAQ: #12
    Counting DAQ: #16
    Counting House to Left Arm MAP on the patch panel
    Integrating DAQ: #10
    Counting DAQ: #11
    The HAPPEX detectors, in each arm, go through a switch that can relay signals 
    between Integrating and Counting DAQ.
    To switch between the Integrating and Counting DAQ, apply about +12.5V on the 
    patch panel input # that corresponds to the mode we want to switch to. For 
    instance, if we want to run in Counting mode in the right arm, then apply about 
    +12.5 V on patch panel #16 on the counting house to Right arm patch panel. 
    There is a power source by the patch panel, with voltages appropriately set, 
    and cabled for this purpose. We should ensure that the voltage setting is 
    correct anyways.
    NOTE: Dont apply the voltage into the patch panel for much longer than a couple 
    of seconds. The switch filps instantly with voltage application and stays in 
    that state unless flipped again. If you leave the voltage on for much longer, 
    then there is a possibility of switch failure due to thermal exhaustion!