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    User name meekins

    Log entry time 09:58:22 on August27,2009

    Entry number 286246

    keyword=Cryotarget support from ESR.

    Cryotarget support from ESR. Using the CHL/ESR we will try to run the cryotarget in a reduced capacity. The estimated flow from the ESR will be based on about 5K supply and 20K return. The supply pressure will be about 3-3.2 atm and return at 2-2.5 atm. Obviously this will not allow a lot of mass flow through the transfer lines. The JT valve was opened to bleed off the pressure in the transfer line and now it is closed. The warm return valve is open and the plan is to reverse cool the transfer line and begin a cooldown of the target. The total available target load hopefully will be about 400W.