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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:33:57 on August28,2009

    Entry number 286590


    keyword=connectivity problems g0inj

    The g0inj (aka Qweak) crate at the injector cannot load its kernel.
    This is probably related to the fact that one cannot ssh into 
    gzerol3 (the host) at the moment.  But we can ssh into gzerol2.
    So I tried switching to gzerol2 as the host but that didn't work 
    either.  Possibly rsh is not installed there.
    I've sent e-mail to S. Wood, M. Jones and P. King to ask for advice.  What we 
    need are two working computers from which to boot, else
    maybe move all Qweak software to hall A computers.  I'll try that
    just to see if it works ...
    In the meantime use HapNoI.