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    User name mercado

    Log entry time 17:13:02 on August28,2009

    Entry number 286623

    keyword=Lumi Runs on Carbon and Hydrogen

    11697 - Same HVs as for 70uA on Thick Tantalum at 3-pass, beam current ranged 
    from 70-88uA as they were trying to go up to 100uA. We never received beam 
    higher than 90uA.
    11698 - Tuned lumi HVs for 70uA on Carbon:
            This run was about ~50000 events per Kent's request.
    11700 - Tried to go up to 100uA again. Highest they could get was             
    ~84uA. Tuned HVs throughout run. At end of run, HVs were
            925,1075,1450,2000,1375,1650,1200,1075. Not sure if they are          
    11701 - Tuning HVs for 100uA on Hydrogen bur using a 20uA current.            
    Want 40K signal out of our ADCs. HVs were tuned to:
    11702 - Current was about 40uA on Hydrogen.  
    --> Beam went down, had to change target
    11703 - 40uA on Carbon with same HVs as for 100uA on Hydrogen.