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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 04:43:01 on August29,2009

    Entry number 286743

    keyword=notes on 60 uA on LH2

    - Panguin generally working, but many crashes. Never handles transitions between runs, but also dies frequently in the middle of runs.

    - createDB is not getting the happex3_oversample1.cut cutfile, which is kind of annoying, because it makes panguin less useful.

    - runbird is not working.

    - Runs 11271 and 11272 have bad detector readout. Among other problems, the rocs return the adcs to gain 0 0, which is not the lowest gain. For these runs, we were saturating the ADCs.

    - Detector widths are all wrong. Luckily I don't believe them yet... but they are impressively wrong.

    - run 11723 and 11724 are reasonable good runs at 60 uA.

    - the beam asymmetries seem ok, although we would need to evaluate more data to say anything concrete.