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    User name suhring

    Log entry time 11:02:47 on August 29, 2009

    Entry number 286808

    keyword=ESR update

    1483833 ESR Support Hall A Target - Status 29-Aug-2009 10:47 P_Knudsen CLOG | ELOG

    In talking w/ Dave Meekins this morning (~10:15), evidently ESR is capable of supporting ~85 micro-A to the Hall A target. The original program goal was ~100 micro-A. However, evidently they are NOT presently limited by the refrigeration ESR is providing. The accelerator, for some other reason, is limited to ~60 micro-A to the Hall A target.

    So, it is presently thought (from Physics, per Dave) that ESR will continue to support the Hall A target 'as is' (i..e, using 4.5K from ESR, which itself is being 'supercharged' by CHL via the transfer-line) until Monday morning.

    Come Monday, the decision to start or not-start ESR turbine T1 will be re-accessed.

    As discussed on Friday, since that spare T1 cartridge is out for repair, cryo prefers not to start T1 if what ESR is providing will meet the present Physics needs; which it evidently is doing.

    Note that a switch over to T1 will likely warm-up the target, since the 4.5-K must be stopped, and the 15K initiated; followed by a target re-cool-down.