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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 12:40:58 on August29,2009

    Entry number 286824

    keyword=18-bit developments in test cage

    Working in the test cage I've implemented improvements to the
    handling of the VME state-machine of the 18-bit ADCs.
    Full details are in ~apar/dev_bob/adc18_sum.txt (ASCII).
    This appears to solve all problems, which were all related:
    -- no deadtime
    -- no "bad" flags
    -- no scrambling of the order
    -- the buffer is never full
    It turns out that the data we've taken so far is ok (as far as
    I've spot-checked it).  I've developed some rapid code to diagnose
    the system.
    I want to put all the ADCs in the test cage through high-statistics
    tests.  After checking all channels for several oversampling factors
    etc, we may "roll out" the new code for the experiment.  I expect
    to do this Sunday owl unless someone wants to stop me.
    The old code will, of course, be saved.
    Below is a snapshot of results for one ADC for the cases of
    no-oversampling, OS by 4, and OS by 10.

    FIGURE 1