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    User name mcnulty

    Log entry time 16:09:04 on August29,2009

    Entry number 286842

    This entry is a followup to: 286823

    keyword=Proof of black box outline

    Plots from run 4402 (detuned H2 run with Po = 1.5 GeV/c).
    These plots are projected to the plane of the detector. The black dots are the same spectra after imposing 800 ADC chennel cut on the happex detector.

    The proof of the cathode location and upstream edge of the active part of the detector is seen in bottom right plot--the sharp drop after the quick rise indicates this location (Again x=1.25m)! See also previous haplogs.

    The angle (yaw) of the happex detector shadow is seen to follow the box outline.

    This is the best white spectrum we have put over the focal plane so far, however it is still difficult to resolve the corners of the hapdet because the y distribution is too narrow. We are planning to decrease Q3 by 10% to spread it out in y. Results to come soon.

    FIGURE 1