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    User name Kiadtisak

    Log entry time 21:10:32 on August29,2009

    Entry number 286898


    keyword=HAPPEX detector's footprint studies (Right arm)

    These are the plots of run 24609. Figure 1 is the plot of L.tr.d_y:L.tr.d_x without any cuts. The figure 2 is the same plot but apply the cut on L.cer.a[6]>560 and put lines, which define the footprint. Also, after trying to vary L.cer.a[6], I found that if it's less than 560, there are some events outside the footprint and doesn't form a straight edge. For L.cer.a[6]>560, most of events fall within the footprint but again, doesn't form a stright edge.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2