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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 00:03:22 on August30,2009

    Entry number 286932

    keyword=more HRS scaler issues

    The R-HRS had its own scalers but not the L-HRS scalers.
    This is fixed now.
    The L-HRS had no scalers in the readout (mentioned earlier).
    Also fixed.
    The "goonlana" directory produces scalers in the root trees.
    Sorry I may have over-written some root files as I was testing
    things.  If you are missing a file make it again.
    Looks like the 2nd scaler on L-HRS messed up -- reading 65K.
    This usually means it needs to be power-cycled.  But we don't
    need it now.
    I increased the frequency of scaler insertions.