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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 04:28:22 on August30,2009

    Entry number 286996

    keyword=ADC18 Test Crate study (Part I)

    As I said at around 2 pm, the ADC18 readout code was modified
    to have a correct deadtime logic. I've been testing a crate with
    four ADCs in the Test Crate.

    Here in Part I, an anomoly observed with oversampling runs is shown.
    The Peak may get a "glitch". These occur in all channels of all
    4 ADCs simultaneously. I think the problem is a little different
    from the peculiarity Kent showed in halog 286945 in that:

    1. The CSR bits are all normal.
    2. More than just one ADC is affected (some common origin)
    3. I didn't see this in non-oversampling (several runs).

    Not sure what to do about it now.

    FIGURE 1