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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 05:10:31 on August30,2009

    Entry number 287006


    keyword=Fan speed scan

    Fan speed scan.  Raster 3.5x3.5 (7.7x6 request). 
    11752  increasing fan speed from 61 Hz to 65 Hz.  70 uA
    11753 Run at fan speed =65 Hz.  70 uA.  Beam heater overhead now below 100 W.  
    This is primarily a fluctuation, but I suspect that I cannot do the entire test 
    at 70 uA. Move to lower current, start with highest fan speed.
    Run #11754 60 uA.  Fan speed at 72 Hz (set as efficiency 31%)
    Run #11755 60 uA.  Fan speed at 68 Hz (set as efficiency 29%)
    Run #11756 60 uA.  Fan speed at 63 Hz (set as efficiency 26%)
    It seems that changing the speed from 60Hz to around 70 Hz would cost about 
    150W power.  For now, fan speed set to 67 Hz (28%).  This can be adjusted later 
    if necessary.