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    User name dalton

    Log entry time 23:15:21 on August 31, 2009

    Entry number 287271

    keyword=conf/control.conf_reg altered

    Added the following lines to ~happex3/pan/conf/control.conf_reg

    dv asym_n_blumi_h
    dv asym_n_blumi_v
    dv asym_n_blumi_d1
    dv asym_n_blumi_d2
    dv asym_n_blumi_c
    dv asym_n_blumi_x
    dv asym_n_blumi_sum
    dv asym_n_blumi_ave

    Removed the following lines

    dv asym_n_blumih
    dv asym_n_blumiv
    dv asym_n_blumic