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    User name Aniol

    Log entry time 23:58:57 on August31,2009

    Entry number 287278

    keyword=shift summary

    16:00 Shift starts with continuation of spin-dance; we are still currently on the first wien angle measurement (at +44.6deg).
    Other activities: Parity DAQ tests and pedestal runs.

    16:30 Finished with first wien angle measurement; going to second angle (+110deg)

    18:00 Finished with second wien angle measurement; going to third angle (-110deg)

    21:45 Moller run is completed, asked MCC for 0.5uA and 7.7x6(MCC) = (3.5x3.5)(Hall) raster

    turned on S0 to get LHRS triggers for the raster pattern
    as per shift workers' instructions the S0 high voltages are
    on card 2 slots 1 and 7 both run at -1700V

    turned off S0 HVs to run high current parity conditions

    22:33 start parity run 11835 at 20 uA, fan = 67Hz 3.5mm^2 raster

    22:41 start parity run 11836 at 40 uA, fan = 67Hz, 3.5x3.5 mm^2

    22:52 start parity run 11837 at 60 uA, fan same as last two runs

    23:50 start parity run 11838 same as 11837