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    User name Kai

    Log entry time 15:33:51 on October 1,2009

    Entry number 292583


    keyword=WAC report

    1. The last production run is #12781 which had already been analized the day 
    before yesterday. And the first pedstal run is #12848 so that all runs between 
    #12781 and #12848 are test or check runs made during two days access. I skipped 
    these runs with the permission from Luis.
    2. All runs after 12854 has weird Error message, and I attached the pic here.
    3. The run that I analized is from #12848 to #12860. However, Dustin told me 
    due to the "target position cut", I cannot add these runs into runlist even if 
    I prompt all the runs which is indeed the fact.

    FIGURE 1