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    User name Abdurahim

    Log entry time 00:09:19 on October 2,2009

    Entry number 292662

    keyword=Swing shift summary

    Shift Summary: Swing Shift, Oct 1, '09

    shift started with NO beam.

    17.30 MCC called up to start giving tuned beam.
    we have the empty target.
    18.10 MCC called up to start giving CW beam
    20:20 did a harp scan, result looks suspicious
    20:30 asked MCC to do the second harp scan
    20:50 Diancheng wants to do compton rates check, asked MCC to deliver 100 uA with raster ON
    21:13 Asked MCC to deliver 40 uA to do spot++
    21:15 LHRS run 24945 started for spot++
    21:16 LHRS run 24945 ended
    21:20 moved the target to Carbon Hole for spot++
    21:25 asked 10 uA for raster current scan
    21:50 asked 100 uA for production
    22:10 increased the JT valve in order to avoid low heater power
    21:59 happex production run 12870 started
    22:56 happex production run 12870 ended with 21615 good events
    22:57 happex production run 12871 started
    00:00 happex production run 12871 stopped
    at the end of the shift we realized that the beam was in pair synch mode not in delayed helicity. MCC just changed it to delayed halicity.