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    User name mercado

    Log entry time 01:36:30 on October 2,2009

    Entry number 292673

    This entry is a followup to: 292669

    keyword=No more helicity errors / Helicity Control Board screenshot

    While trying to fix this problem, we realized that the 'Output Select' setting should indeed be set to 'Pair Sync'. We noticed this when we looked at the pairsync signal on a scope and it looked like the helicity signal instead.

    We also rebooted the Injector crates.

    Once we did all this and restarted the DAQ, the helicity errors were gone.

    I think maybe rebooting the crates is what did it,

    Just in case, below is a screen capture of the proper Helicity Control Board settings, for future reference.

    FIGURE 1