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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 15:35:48 on October 02, 2009

    Entry number 292756


    keyword=power-cycle ROC31 and ROC24

    I power cycled both ROC31 and ROC24.

    There were report of synch problems but I'd like to see the plot in the
    Halog. Indeed it would be a disaster but let's see the evidence.

    Shift workers should watch panguin.

    I also noticed that for HapNoQweak the tirdata field gets filled twice.
    First for ROC24, then for ROC23. The latter is CH crate and has no
    tirdata. Probably Pan uses the 2nd one, hence helicity errors reported
    by Pan. Rupesh will check the db creation script for the HapNoQweak
    config. This might also explain last night's helicity-problem mystery.