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    User name Bo ( RC )

    Log entry time 17:24:02 on October 02, 2009

    Entry number 292769

    keyword=Run plan

    Run Plan

    Run Plan (Please HALOG it if you find sth strange; Call RC if the problem is not resolved within 10 minutes)

    1. Take production data! Watch the lumi widths to see if anything changes. Please check the histograms on the online data monitor with the reference ones on the shift how-to page (http://hallaweb.jlab.org/experiment/HAPPEX/opmanual/opmanual.html#HPXStartingonlineanalysis).

    2. Take Compton data! You will need to start a new Compton run every two hours. The CODA screen to start and stop the Compton runs is in the back room.

    3. Change the half-wave plate state when we get to 1M good pairs. Follow the instructions for doing this and running the flipper script here: http://hallaweb.jlab.org/experiment/HAPPEX/opmanual/opmanual.html#ChangingHalfWavePlate

    4. Run spot++ every couple of hours and log it. Change the prescale factor PS8 to 1 and PS1 and 2 to 99999.

    5. We are planning to have a Moller measurement at 9:00am tomorrow.

    6. Beam Time Accounting: accept the beam unless the Compton people say that they just cannot use it. Then record it as BNA.