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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 03:51:14 on October 4,2009

    Entry number 293029

    keyword=Compton part IV: CompSimple

    Stop Compton production run 20061.

    Start a CompSimple run 20062.

    Procedure to go to CompSimple config.
    (this will be automated at some point)

    1. For ETROC: login to roc1 and type

    -> AllPlane()
    -> EnableAll()
    -> InitTrig(4, 0x11, 1, 5)

    2. For FADC DAQ:

    cd ~/franklin/crl
    rm fadcScaler.flags
    ln -s Etrigger.flags fadcScaler.flags
    (normally linked to standardRun.flags)

    3. Run "cavity flip" by hand.

    Megan says command is "cavity flip 0.1 10 100"
    but "cavity flip" does the same because if the
    numbers are not given, those will be the defaults.