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    User name M Friend

    Log entry time 17:01:33 on October 4,2009

    Entry number 293119


    keyword=Compton Run Plan

    This is the Compton run plan for today.

    1) 1+ hour photon only to show stability (run 20078, in progress, this looks fine!)

    2) FADC with edet trigger, FADC window narrowed to 250 samples. Edet singles on saclay daq. 2-plane edet trigger, edet thereshold at 11.
    -edet at 1mm, about 10 min, analyze to see that edet/FADC data is ok
    - edet at 1mm, about 40min-1hr.
    - edet at 2mm, about 20 min
    - edet at 5mm, about 20min. sum spectra should now have negligible compton data EXCEPT at the compton edge photon energy... all from delta ray scattering (if that model holds).

    3) Is signal to noise good? If so, go to 0mm with electron detector.
    - edet at 0mm, 2 plane trigger. Are currents ok? If so, take 10 minute run, look at signal/background. If compton spectrum visible, take longer run. If it is very clean, try going to -1mm! Run as close (-1mm, -0.5mm, or 0mm) as possible with visible compton edge spectrum. Keep fadc in edet mode for all, because there is no reason not to.

    4) FADC with edet trigger. edet at 1mm (unless 0mm is very clean, in which case use that!)
    - use 3-plane edet trigger, to compare to step 2, 20 min run.
    - use 1-plane edet trigger, to compare to step 2, 20 min run.

    5) Saclay DAQ in e-photon coincidence. FADC in photon trigger mode. use 3-plane coincidence for edet, as close to the beam as possible.
    - 20 min at high current, show that everything is is working.
    - 40 min at low current.

    6) Back to production running.