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    User name M Friend

    Log entry time 19:40:08 on October 4,2009

    Entry number 293139

    keyword=Compton Run Summary

    17:14 moved edet to 1mm, set FADC to trigger on edet, 200 channel window, offset -200. Set counting DAQ to electron only, 2 plane coincidences, 100% electrons (turn off electron prescale).

    17:23 Start run 20079, we are getting electrons and FADC triggers! FADC timing looks good in snapshots. ROC 0 crashed at end of run.

    17:38 Start run 20080. Still with edet at 1mm, still getting FADC edet triggers and electrons. Run ended due to full file at 18:11.

    I am sligtly concerned that the standard DAQ analysis isn't working, but the FADC analysis looks okay, and at this point this is what we're looking at.

    18:14 I realized I forgot to turn off the edet stepper motor during the last two runs! Hopefully the runs still look okay. Moved edet to 2mm.

    18:19 Start run 20081, run at 2mm. Still can see online electron data (analysis during run), ended at 18:38.

    18:43 edet moved to 5mm, start run 20082. Still seeing online electrons, compton edge at plane 8ish. Run ended at 18:58. Beam gone at 18:50 and MCC says it will be gone for a while.

    Edet moved back to garage, FADC config and spyconf are still in electron only/FADC trig on edet.

    When beam comes back we will continue with the run plan.