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    User name M Friend

    Log entry time 07:16:15 on October 5,2009

    Entry number 293222

    keyword=Compton runs at 5uA

    We will take the opportunity of having the magnets down/ramping to take some low current data.

    Went to 5uA beam by closing slits and leaving 100uA beam settings.

    Moved the electron detector to 0.0mm. Changed setting for electron only run/FADC trig on edet, 3 plane coincidence.

    6:19 Start run 20098, test halo at 0.0mm with electron only run. Prescales set wrong. Try again.

    6:46 Beam back, start run 20099. Online electron data gives empty plots, although stripchart looks fine and we can get data from the prompt analysis. It looks like beam halo up to strip 6 to me.

    6:54 Start run 20100. Longer run at 0.0 electrons only, 3 plane coincidence, just to be sure about the halo. Ended at 7:06.

    Moved electron detector to 1.0mm for 5uA coincidence run. Settings changed in spyconf to e-g coincidence settings, FADC trigger set back to PMT.

    7:10 Start run 20101, low current coincidence run.

    The plan is to run like this for 40 minutes then go to standard production running.