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    User name Armstrong

    Log entry time 11:17:09 on October 05, 2009

    Entry number 293259

    keyword=GSO HV quick study

    GSO High Voltage study - is the problem with the GSO high voltage beam related? Look at current drawn as a function of high voltage, with beam off. I don't know what the nominal current at 100 µA or with no beam has been in the recent past, but from the Striptool it seems that the current was about 1450 µA, (at 1800 V) independent of the beam being on or off. Now, the beam off value is about the same, but the current goes way up when the beam comes on. Problem with beam properties?
    High Voltage   Current  
    ------------   -------
      (V)        (µA)
    1400           815       (beam on at 100 µA)
    1500          1246       (beam on at 100 µA)
    1500           977       (beam turned off deliberately)
    1600          1140             "
    1700          1306             "
    1800          1471             "
    - turn beam on again at 100 µA High Voltage trips again!

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