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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 12:49:46 on October 5,2009

    Entry number 293272


    keyword=runbird problems, runbird_bob

    runbird is printing error messages. The workaround is
    to use "runbird_bob" for now.

    invalid command name ".t.readback.status.measured.hallcaq"
    invalid command name ".t.readback.status.measured.hallcaq"
    while executing
    "$ref configure -bg lightgrey -text "$num +/- $err""
    (procedure "goodMeasured" line 12)
    invoked from within
    "goodMeasured .t.readback.status.measured.hallcaq {12968 85427 13.328 20.015 1342.67}"

    This is attributable to the following lines in pita_birdfeed.tcl.
    I made a runbird version (runbird_bob) which ignores these.
    It may be less important because it's hall C.
    Dave Armstrong tells me that Mark is doing something about
    hall C ... so maybe that's causing the trouble.

    set read .t.readback.status.measured.hallcaq
    set device [.t.readback.settings.bottom.hallcia.device cget -text]
    catch {bgexec myStatus -onoutput "goodMeasured $read" \
    ./getpanFFB_asym $runnumber $device}