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    User name pking

    Log entry time 14:17:02 on October 5,2009

    Entry number 293284

    This entry is a followup to: 293086


    keyword=Requested change in VQWK ADC parameters

    Based on the error messages reported from ROC31 yesterday, I think the VQWK 
    ADCs are running somewhat longer than the integrate gate coming from the timing 
    board.  This is probably the cause of the instabilities which have been noticed.
    At the next convenient run start, I would like to request that the number of 
    samples per block be changed from 4161 to 4120 in the g0inj.flags file.
    Note that I find two flags files:  "~apar/qweak/adc/g0inj.flags" and 
    "~apar/g0inj/flags/g0inj.flags".  I am not certain which is being loaded by the 
    ROC31 CRL.
    If possible, please make a log entry with the ROC31 console output from the 
    prestart and go events.