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    User name Ramesh/Diancheng

    Log entry time 21:10:01 on October 07, 2009

    Entry number 293723

    keyword=Access activity (pvdis)

    We took opportunistic controlled access to do the following work:

    Right hrs pvdis setup:

    moved ribbon cable for scaler8_0-scaler8_15 from

    NIM-ECL1 to NIM-ECL2 (actually it was like this already!)

    Rpvdis0 "TS1H" went to #NIM-ECL6 ch13 ,

    Synch (gated) was plugged in at Rpvdis0 (good for scaler6)

    Rpvdis8 "PS1H" went to #NIM-ECL6 ch14,

    Synch (ungated) was plugged in at Rpvdis8 (good for scaler6)

    T2 (S0 front AND S0 back) went from Rpvdis61 to NIM-ECL6 ch15 and

    Rpvdis61 was replaced by synch ungated (good for scaler7 and scaler8).

    Rpvdis63 "103.8 kHz clock" went to #NIM-ECL6 ch16

    Synch (gated) was plugged in at Rpvdis63 (good for scaler7 and scaler8)

    Scaler9 already has gated and ungated synch.

    Left hrs pvdis setup:
    Moved a ribbon cable for scaler11_0-scaler11_15 from

    NIM-ECL3 to NIM-ECL4.

    T2: S0 front AND S0 back went from Lpvdis24 to Lpvdis75 and synch

    stayed at Lpvdis24 (good for scaler10 and scaler12)

    Synch (gated) was plugged in Lpvdis60 and

    synch (ungated) replced LNE (no need) in Lpvdis47

    (good for scaler 11)

    Lpvdis0 "TS1H" was replaced by synch (ungated)

    and "TS1H" was moved to Lpvdis71.

    Scaler 13 already has both gated and ungated synch.

    There was one delayed tagger in Lpvdis60 and we put that to


    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: rom,xiaochao,xiaoyan,pkpan,diancheng,rsubedi