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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 06:32:37 on October 9,2009

    Entry number 293949

    keyword=adaql2 2nd screen replaced

    At 06:00 the 2nd screen for adaql2 (the one on the left) started
    to flake out. The picture would wobble and it would cut off for
    short periods. Tried power-cycling. Tried avoiding the UPS (they
    go bad sometimes). Checked that cables connections were tight.
    Nothing helped.

    Finally we swapped out this monitor. At the moment there is an old
    ViewSonic monitor there. Looks ok.

    Eariler we tried the spare flat screen from the back room but it
    complained about an incompatible mode. Tried pushing buttons,
    didn't get into right mode. At present this flat screen is
    located behind the blue console near the spares cabinet.