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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 16:07:13 on October16,2009

    Entry number 295243

    keyword=instructions re: CH scaler

    It was decided with Kent that the CH scaler is not important
    enough to stop data-taking. 
    Instructions to attempt to recover this WHEN THE BEAM IS DOWN:
    1. End the run
    2. Press the "Reset" button (white button, bottom right of crate).
    3. After the crate reboots, start a run and look at the synch mon
    page in Panguin.
    If those things don't work, we can try power cycling (not a great
    idea since it can kill ADC16) or replacing the scaler.  However
    this scaler might have been a casualty of my attempt to use the
    new ADC18 lib.  I'd rather not speculate on that too much though.