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    User name pking

    Log entry time 01:48:27 on October17,2009

    Entry number 295284

    keyword=Compton DAQ lost communication with ROC5.

    Compton DAQ lost communication with ROC5.

    Messages in ROC5 terminal:

    Exception current instruction address: 0x019e4348
    Machine Status Register: 0x00002130
    Data Access Register: 0x80535c09
    Condition Register: 0x44000048
    Data storage interrupt Register: 0x42000000
    Task: 0x1ad4d50 "ROC"
    codaWatchdog done
    svc.c: - Select failed: S_iosLib_INVALID_FILE_DESCRIPTOR
    run_svc returned unexpectedly

    Stopped run 20447, started 20448.