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    User name pking

    Log entry time 16:10:20 on October 18, 2009

    Entry number 295518

    keyword=Day shift summary

    SL : Paul King
    TO: Amrendra Narayan
    3rd: Brian Quinn


    Production runs at 98 uA with IHWP IN:
    	13370	39.3k
    	13371	34.7k
    	13372	40.1k
    	13374	 4.4k	Mostly no beam present
    	13375	39.4k
    	13376	39.4k
    	13377	48.4k
    	13378	45.6k

    Shift leaders should log the Compton strip chart regularly, with keyword "Compton photon rate".


    Shift begins with HAPPEX run 13370 and Compton run 20482 in progress.

    08:18---Compton RATE_G flatlines; ROC5 is locked up. Do "coda reboot". Start Compton run 20483.

    08:38---Start new HAPPEX run 13371.

    09:05---Took run 25072 for spot++ check.

    09:37---Start new HAPPEX run 13372.

    10:06---Start Compton run 20484.

    10:33---Start new HAPPEX run 13373. Run didn't start. Start new HAPPEX run 13374.

    10:49---Machine is down due to SA01B10 bulk power supply tripping off. EES DC is on the way in. OPS will try to deliver beam until they arrive.

    11:02---The EES DC on-call support is here. Machine taken down for work on SA01B10 trim rack.

    11:10---We discover that the counting house freezer contents have defrosted.

    11:30---Beam comes back up. Start new HAPPEX run 13375.

    11:53---Start new Compton run, 20485.

    12:28---Start new HAPPEX run, 13376.

    13:26---Start new HAPPEX run, 13377.

    13:44---Start new Compton run, 20486. Previous run had ended at 13:39.

    14:22---Start new HAPPEX run, 13378.

    14:26---Compton photon detector HV tripped. End run 20486. Reenable the photon detector HV. Start Compton run 20487.

    14:33---Compton photon detector HV tripped. End run 20487. Reenable the photon detector HV. Start Compton run 20488.

    15:19---Start new HAPPEX run, 13379.

    16:05---Compton HV trip. End Compton run 20488. Reset HV. HV tripped again. Reset HV. Start Compton Run 20489.