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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 20:58:25 on October 20, 2009

    Entry number 295900


    keyword=Commented condition for target variables in epicsLogger

    I comment the condition so that the target variables are always included :

    # For Cryotarget
    # if [ $TURNON -eq 1 ] ; then
    for word in $epicslist7 ; do
    if [ $TESTPRINT -eq 1 ] ; then
    echo "---------- test of caget output for $word ------------"
    $SCRIPTS/caget $word
    $SCRIPTS/caget $word >> $epicsfile1
    # fi

    It seems the variables made it into the CODA file but the value in the
    root file are still not good, will have to figure that out before thursday...

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: rom@jlab.org,kdp2c@virginia.edu,dalton@jlab.org